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Ann Zimmerman sings the prairie into universal language. Her music celebrates the joy, sorrow, grandeur and silliness of life, especially life on the windy plains. She backs her rich voice with piano, guitar and the audience itself. Ann has taken her Kansas style across the Great Plains and beyond—to New York, Seattle, Boston, Texas, Alaska—and turned each audience into her backup choir. Blending old and new traditions with her own award-winning songs, Ann’s concerts tell stories and paint portraits, brilliantly-colored and unexpected, sharpened by an irresistible stage presence. She has released four independent recordings of her music.



Truckstop Honeymoon play tough, funny, hi-octane songs about interstates, pinball arcades and true love. Katie Euliss pounds a doghouse bass while Mike West punishes a banjo mercilessly. Together they charm festival crowds and drive roadhouse drinkers to the dance-floor.

Bluegrass, Punk-Rock and a palpable dose of soul - The Pitch, Kansas City MO

Since hurricane Katrina washed them out of New Orleans, Truckstop Honeymoon have traveled to the ends of the Earth and back, performing in Australia, Holland, Germany, Britain and throughout the US. Their music tells a story so honest and strange you know they didn’t make it up.

They spit on enough conventions to keep things interesting - The Onion, Madison WI

Katie learned whore-house piano and bucket bass in the streets of the French Quarter. There she met Mike, a banjo-slinging grifter who sold CDs he claimed cured hangovers and small-mindedness. After a court house wedding, the pair hit the road. They spent their wedding night in a truck stop somewhere between Lafayette and the Atchafalya Swamp. And so Truckstop Honeymoon was born.

It's gritty, grisly and guttural, and makes for damn fine music.  - Where Y'at Magazine, New Orleans LA

On August 29 2005, flood waters submerged their home base in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Truckstop Honeymoon were on tour when the storm hit and so on-tour is where they stayed. Mike and Katie played shows every night, lived out of their van and kept their two daughters entertained in convenience stores across America. But eventually, the road weary family parked their rig as far from any large body of water as they could get: Lawrence, Kansas.


Topeka’s own Pastense will open the show!




Tret Fure began her career at the age of 16, singing in coffeehouses and campuses in the Midwest.  At 19, she moved to LA in hopes of obtaining a record deal.  Within a year she was performing as guitarist and vocalist for Spencer Davis, touring with him and penning the single for his album “Mousetrap”.  She went on to record her own album in 1973 on MCA/UNI Records, with the late Lowell George of Little Feat as her producer.  With the success of that release, she opened for such bands as Yes, Poco, and the J Geils Band. 

One of the most prolific artists in the contemporary singer-songwriter arena, Tret Fure has released 15 albums and CDs over the course of her 46 year career. In addition to being a gifted songwriter, Fure has engineered and produced countless recordings by a variety of artists, including her own work.

In the early 80s, Tret began exploring the independent side of the industry discovering the blossoming genre known as Women’s Music.  She recorded with and produced some of the best of women’s music including the legendary “Meg & Cris at Carnegie Hall” (1983). She worked as a duo with Cris Williamson throughout the 90s, producing, engineering and releasing 3 CDs together during those years.



An award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Novelo’s music is a mesmerizing fusion of Americana, classical and world music – soulful sounds that rise from the hollows of Appalachia, Europe, India and beyond. Her most recent CD ‘Meditation’ pushes the boundaries of her innovative and luscious sound, resulting in a deeply moving musical experience.  

Novelo’s authentic sound led Kansas Public Radio’s Bob McWilliams to select her album Stone’s Throw as one of his top picks for best folk albums of the year, along with albums by Sarah Jarosz, Richard Shindell and Cheryl Wheeler.  “Her arrangements…reverberate with the melodies and traditions of both Medieval and Romantic Europe.  The smoky peat fires of the Celts mix with the disciplined heat of full-on symphony… The human condition – bold and beautiful – is what speaks to us through her music.” ~Blue Sky Green Earth magazine

Cindy Novelo sees her whole life as an adventure – from growing up studying music and dance to her 17 years living abroad in France, Costa Rica and Belize, to owning a business and raising twin daughters as a single mother. She worked for many years in international education, teaching and advising students from all different walks of life. She has traveled the country as a professional performing songwriter, speaker and workshop presenter. She has a passion for yoga and yoga philosophy and became a certified yoga teacher in 2014.

Cindy has lived through times of jubilation and joy – as well as sorrow and heartache, including divorce, sudden job loss, and a journey through ovarian cancer. But through it all one basic thing has always rung true: Life is full of grace and magic – and is to be savored, every step of the way. The challenges she has faced have fortified her and taught her to mine the endless beauty that springs from perceived darkness. It is this deep wisdom that Cindy brings to her music, performances, workshops, retreats, and life coaching. Her message is one of peace, hope, light and personal transformation. Cindy is a beacon on the path that leads to a more vibrant and expansive way of being as she helps others to awaken to the grace, beauty and magic in their own lives.

Cindy is currently authoring a book about her experience with cancer and cancer treatment entitled “How Can I Keep from Singing?” reflecting her unending gratitude and joy for life.

A native of Lawrence, KS, Cindy has performed across the U.S., in Europe and Latin America.  

“We are all here on this blessed earth to share our gifts with one another.  Thus community is created, each connection a strand in this beautiful web we call life.  It is my honor and privilege to be here among you.  May the breath of music light your soul.” ~Cindy



Donna and Kelly of Still on the Hill w/ th Stilley collection
Donna and Kelly of Still on the Hill w/ th Stilley collection

Still on the Hill is a national and international touring group from Arkansas that has been described as “Ambassadors of the Ozarks” for the work they do to preserve a rich culture that is quickly disappearing.

Kelly & Donna of Still on the Hill are award winning ‘story telling-song writers’.  Different than most singer-songwriters, this dynamic duo embellishes their songs with a host of unique instruments from the hills they call home. Many of these were hand-made by old-timeStill on the Hill has proved itself a favorite at many prestigious festivals and venues here and abroad, including the Kerrville Folk Festival, Philadelphia Folk Festival, The Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Winfield, Kansas and countless others. Their own region, the Ozarks, has voted them the “Best Folk Band” for several years running, and the mayor of their town, Fayetteville, Arkansas, proclaimed Dec. 20th Still on the Hill Day for all the work the duo does in community service. They have produced eight widely acclaimed CD’s and nine years ago they signed with Swiss record label Brambus Records for the European release of their CD “Chaos & Calm”.  In 2010 they produced their ‘Ozark Project’ which created waves across the region that are still resonating today and also garnered them the coveted Governors Folk Life Award for their effort to preserve Arkansas and have amazing stories that go with them.